Who we are

We’re energetic people pursuing big ideas. We focus relentlessly on design thinking, we all push each other to explore big ideas, and we’re applying human-centered design to make sure innovation takes root in your organization.

Our Team

Matthew Kelly

Partner & Business Designer

Matt is a Partner and Business Designer, based in Chicago, who has been part of the team since its formation in 2014, and is responsible for our office in Chicago.

He assists organizations with alignment and clarity about the current state of their business, competition, economic challenges, and vision for the future.

Matt has over 10 years of experience overseeing the lifecycle of complex organizational development activities. Defining project scope with stakeholders, he is skilled in facilitating synthesis of multiple perspectives into a clear strategy and plan for action. Matt has an undergraduate degree from the University of Chicago and an MBA from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Marc McLaughlin

CEO, Partner & Business Designer

Marc is an experienced strategy consultant, business designer and entrepreneur, who is responsible for founding Do Tank back in 2014.

He supports organizations by the use of his bold strategic thinking, creative visual design and practical implementation skills that are ever focused on delivering concrete results.

Marc has an impressive ability to confront the norm and help frame and reduce complexity allowing organizations to discuss, re-design and determine the critical few next steps required to drive strategic change.

With 13+ years of experience with corporates through to start-ups, and within a wide range of industry sectors, he enjoys realizing the successful impact of implementing our new tools, skills and mindsets within organizations.

Carl Zuhl

Business Designer

Carl is a Business Designer with our Chicago team.

He supports clients by getting teams to think boldly about their businesses and stratgeies, both current and future states. Pushing them outside their comfort zone to build unique and different ideas, he directs clients into another way of thinking, driving growth in their core business as well as designing, prototyping, and testing new adjacent and transformative businesses.

Carl has a bachelor’s degree from Purdue University and a dual master’s, MS-MBA, degree from Boston University.

Jarrod Lowery

Business Designer

Jarrod is a Business Designer who joined our Chicago team in 2017.

He drives client success using design thinking and visual tools in fast-paced, high-impact engagements. Jarrod is a shrewd strategist and relentless learner who enjoys helping clients experience true “Aha!” moments.

Prior to joining Do Tank, Jarrod spent four years running strategic planning processes and managing cross-functional projects in the industrial equipment space.

Jarrod holds a BA in Economics and Political Science from Indiana University.

Emily Blazer

Business Designer

Bio goes here….

Stephen McLaughlin

Head of Digital

Steve is an experienced Learning Consultant and Designer who is responsible for our growing Business Design Academy.

Steve is passionate about Learning and Development. He is forward thinking about the technology we use to deploy digital learning and firmly believes in helping individuals unlock their full potential.

He supports organizations by helping them develop robust digital learning strategies and foster a creative culture of learning. Steve encourages people to think differently, build capability, adopt change, and personally develop their career.

Steve brings 14 years of experience working in a global corporate Learning and Development environment.

Bruno Suarez-Bango

Visual Designer

Simply put, Bruno is an amazing designer with an artistic flair that most folks would die for.

He’s a Chicago-based artist, designer and wannabe drummer from Quito, Ecuador. Bruno has a BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a focus in Printmaking and Visual Communication. As a thinker and creator, he finds himself navigating boundaries and contemplating oppositions: between the culture he was raised in and the culture he is currently part of, between societal structures and the people within them, and between the processes of art and design.

This explorative and critical mindset carves Bruno’s path both in and out of the studio, and fuels his interests in music, art, design, politics, futbol, culture, and movies.

Jade Goodwin-Carter

Visual Designer

Jade is a purpose-driven artist who firmly believes in the power of visual thinking to transform our assumptions about what’s possible. This conviction drives her to push the limits of visual communication in the service of leaving a positive impact on her community and the world at large.

Previously, Jade worked as a designer in the non-profit sector, where she honed her skills to connect brands and services with people on an emotionally meaningful level.

Jade has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Chicago. She studied Graphic Design at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago.

Dan Landgren

Visual Designer

Dan uses his motion and graphic skills to create appealing design and animation assets for clients. He is fascinated with the power of the moving image and the importance of thoughtful design. More than anything, Dan enjoys learning new skills.

In his past experience, Dan has worked as a motion designer for various music and film festivals.

Dan is a graduate of DePaul University, with a BFA in Graphic Design and a minor in Animation.

Dave Findon

Digital Designer

Dave is a Digital Designer and recent addition to our UK team.

Dave works primarily with the new Business Development Academy (BDA)—designing and building our platform for course delivery and assisting in the creation of the courses themselves.

Dave is passionate about all things technology and is fighting his way to the forefront of web and mobile app development. He’s our resident WordPress and LearnDash guru, and he has deep experience with JavaScript, Python and Java. If you have a tech problem, Dave’s your guy.

Dave holds a masters degree in Computing and an undergraduate degree in Environmental Geoscience from Cardiff University.

Our Company

We are looking to disrupt the world of consulting

Do Tank is a diverse collection of entrepreneurs, business designers, seasoned consultants, visual artists, and researchers. We approach clients’ challenges using design thinking, visual skills, and simple yet powerful tools for structuring and capturing important conversations. Our work leverages both digital (think animations and video) and analog tools (mainly markers and sticky notes!) to drive business rigor, promote experimentation, build consensus, and move teams to action—in pursuit of amazing results their organizations can be proud of.

This approach has led us to success with clients in industries as varied as healthcare, consumer packaged goods, financial services, and IT. Because our methods are applicable in so many contexts, we are industry-agnostic. We enjoy building trusted relationships with clients and exceeding their expectations, no matter what industry they’re in.

We were founded in 2014 and rebranded as Do Tank in late 2016. While our team members hail from many places, our hubs of activity are Chicago, USA and Glasgow, UK.