Take your audience
on a Virtual Journey

The future of live events is uncertain, but you still have to engage with your audience and drive change. Virtual experiences have some profound advantages over live events as well - they can be cheaper, at greater scale, more agile, and far more sophisticated over time.

Take your audience on a journey that includes custom design experiences, bespoke & branded digital content, memorable interactions with your team, and a deep understanding of your organization. Dramatically increase the return on your investment by gaining deep market insights, access to a larger audience, and an ongoing engagement that is nuanced and enduring.

Achieve your outreach objectives

Whether or not you have an in-person event, you have to meet your strategy and engagement goals. Our Virtual Journeys begin with consultative design sessions to align on a vision and desired outcomes. Together, we will architect an experience and timeline that will include:

  • Curated messaging
  • Infographics & videos
  • Virtual meetings
  • Interactive sessions
  • Online learning
  • ...and much more

We will work with you to execute this strategy by creating content, designing virtual events, and hosting live meetings.


Amplify your message

The message you want to impart to your audience is the core of the Virtual Journey strategy. Your audience will hear you loud and clear through multi-channel messaging and experiences that appeal to all types of people. Without the constraints of physical space you can connect with more people and go deeper with your outreach. Leveraging our capabilities with Human Centered Design, your message will be full of your personality, brand, and vision.


Energize your audience

Together, we will create custom “Virtual Design Experiences” that are supported by bespoke strategy tools (digital versions of what you see in our High Impact Events offer), interactive digital whiteboards, and a dedicated, branded digital platform. We create animations and videos that give ‘bite-sized’ experiences. We build content and courses that are on-demand and interactive.


Enhance your data and insights

Every time you convene people, you have an opportunity to collect and analyze a wealth of data from your attendees. The value of this is immense - the voice of the audience feeds strategic planning and the insights completely change the narrative of your continued engagement. This is a big differentiator for the way we work - it significantly enhances the return on investment, tapping into market research and other areas of the business that are not traditionally seen as beneficiaries of “events”.

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