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clarity from complexity

You need to align the team. You need to foster a culture of innovation. You need to fully understand your current state business model. Your team needs to co-create a strong, sharable vision. You need well-designed and strategic options to drive your bold next steps. You don't want internal biases to slow this down or to railroad it.

There is an art to designing strategic conversations like this. It goes well beyond expert facilitation. It requires design, and it requires us to start with the outcomes in mind.

preparing for action

Our rapid Strategic Thinking approach employs the rigor of business modeling, the essence of design thinking, and the super power of visual thinking. What mindset do you need in order to dive in? What are the design parameters for impactful strategic thinking?

We need to be prepared to really understand your current state business model. We have to consider the market context. What's happening in the world that can influence our future? Where are the opportunities? What threats do we need to design around? What is our vision? What does success look like for us? What excites us? What cultural dynamics are at work that can either enable or block our success? We help you answer these questions and craft a plan of action to bring your insight to life.


the results

"Our team is aligned, excited and ready for action."

"We have a very clear and honest understanding of our current state business model."

"We have a strong and shareable vision that we created together."

"Check out our amazing gallery of strategic options and what we agreed as our top 3 to focus on."

"The positive mindset shift was impressive and we have a solid gameplan of what happens next."

"Thanks for the very clear BOLD next steps for success."

Do Tank