grow the value of your key accounts

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how well do you know your customer's customer?

Selling is hard. Design Thinking is powerful. Discover what happens when you mash them. You will embark on a journey that is grounded in your reality; this is not just an abstract exploration of 'sales tools'. You will explore your strategic client accounts and emerge with insights and ideas on how to grow that relationship. You will be using visual design tools that will forever change the way that you build sales strategies - and create immense value for your clients.

it's a business model

How do you create, deliver and capture value within the context of a strategic client account? It's a business model. That being the case let's treat it like one. Using business model understanding, design and innovation techniques is unbelievably powerful when strictly designed around the desired customer relationship. What type of relationship do you have today with them? What kind of relationship do you (and they) want? This is a business model challenge.

keep moving and keep it real

We will help you:

  • Apply design tools to understand your current state of business model with your top strategic accounts
  • Create a vision of how you can help these clients grow
  • Understand how to create value propositions by addressing their pains and jobs to be done
  • Learn how to apply design tools to proposals and pitches
  • Keep this in motion and build in new behaviours

the results

"Increased competitor intelligence."

"Increased market awareness."

"Fresh dynamic sales strategies."

"New tools and language to show off to your customers."

"Customer centric thinking."

"The insight selling heartbeat that we now have keep us fresh and relevant to our customers."

Do Tank