Innovation Hubs

We’re enabling community driven change. Our Innovation Hubs are designed to power remote collaboration for solving wicked problems.

Software that Harnesses Energy to form New Habits

You won’t develop an innovative culture by simply asking your organization for ideas. Keep ideas moving by bringing people and teams together in your innovation hub–an online platform for innovation and collaboration. You’ll be fostering a culture where people share concepts, build on each other’s thoughts, and implement big ideas together.

What if you could enable your community to provide the ground swell of energy that not only drives essential strategic initiatives that are already in the minds of the leadership teams but also ruthlessly tuned into the very behaviour change we want to enable. This is a culture change tool, and it’s the job of your innovation hub. It’s a tool to encourage us to make better use of the energy we all spend every day regardless … typically in meetings, emails and more meetings. Is it time to change the game you play?

Innovation as a Service?

Let’s inspire creativity and enable practical action: your fast track to deploying a super intuitive, branded, and customised “innovation engine” starts here.
This is your dedicated environment to nurture people to think and act like innovation champions. Your innovation hub offers your community a collection of business design tools, online learning, social collaboration, idea management, sprint team support, and the ability to run Innovation Challenge events. From growing innovation black belts to broadly expanding the potential for innovative collaboration, you choose what makes sense, and when, for your organisation.
Stephen McLaughlin
Head of Digital

Community Platform

Stop checking your emails. Attend fewer meetings. Be creative when you can.

We’re enabling micro-communities to gather, self-learn, share thinking, and experience broad and bespoke content that will be relevant for them. Trusted relationships are built outside of the meeting room – make sure you have the space to let them grow.

Idea Marketplace

Ideas are cheap. It’s what we do with them that counts. Idea Marketplace encourages and allows concepts to breathe, come to life, and be socialised so that they take root and grow.

From sketches and half-baked thoughts to fully fledged business model shifts, let’s tap into our collective brain power and willingness to act. Together we can form new habits that enable a true culture of innovation.

Sprint Team Zone

Sprint objective agreed? The clock is ticking? How’s it going?

Mobilize your sprint teams, then track and drive them towards the finish line. Turn on your innovation hub so that your sprint team can do everything from designing your stakeholder communications plan to building the very prototype that you will use to validate your riskiest assumption. This is what amazing sprint teams do well. Let’s turbo charge that with some digital firepower.

Innovation Events

Run Hackathons, Packathons, and Solvathons, or perhaps put innovation in the heart of your next big annual conference.

How might we increase audience engagement before, during, and after the event? Your innovation hub is a place for anything from audience campaigning and extracting sentiment data to showcasing event outputs to inspire action.

How we do it

Our Business Design methodology is a strong blend of design thinking, visual thinking, business model innovation & sprinting techniques.

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