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Go beyond traditional speakers and panels. Do Tank is a strategy & innovation consultancy that develops and delivers engaging, creative experiences for your audience. Wherever you are, we want to help you make an impact, influence change, and drive action.

Achieve your objectives

Our goal is that you meet or exceed your strategy and engagement objectives. Our High Impact Events begin with robust design sessions to align on a vision of what success looks like and the necessary desired outcomes. Together, we will architect an experience and timeline that will include:

  • Attracting the desired attendees, speakers, and sponsors
  • Defining the target audience behavior change we want to enable/disable
  • Understanding what data is important, how to extract it, and how to use it
  • Designing interactive sessions that will center around the conversations we want the audience to have
  • Developing a digital community hub to engage the audience throughout the journey
  • Creating curated messages, infographics, animations, videos, and other assets to support a visual identity and purpose for engaging
  • ...and much more

We will work with you to execute this strategy by creating content, designing events, and hosting sessions.


Energize your audience

By applying design thinking principles, we put an end to monotonous virtual and in-person meetings and engage your participants with experiences and visual tools that help promote networking and problem solving. Together, we will bring energy to your event by creating custom experiences that are supported by visual storytelling tools, interactive digital whiteboards, and a dedicated, branded digital experience.


Enhance your data and insights

Before, during, and after you convene people, there is an opportunity to collect and analyze a wealth of data from your attendees. The value of this is immense - the voice of the audience feeds strategic planning, and the insights completely change the narrative of your continued engagement. This is a big differentiator for the way we work - it significantly enhances the return on investment, tapping into market research and other areas of the business that are not traditionally seen as beneficiaries of “events”.

What does a Do Tank High Impact Event Look Like?

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