Get ready for one of the biggest event trends of 2020: interactive experiences!
Here’s how to do it yourself:

Take your event to
the next level

You are hosting an event—conference, convention, tradeshow—in an effort to engage an important audience. You are looking to create a special, impactful event that transcends traditional speakers, endless slideshows, and low-energy panels. That’s where Do Tank can help.

Our event designers are not your average corporate event consultants; they are professional business designers that will work with you (and your event planners) to design custom experiences that will engage your guests in meaningful conversations.

Dramatically increase attendee engagement

By applying design thinking principles, we put an end to conference monotony and engage your participants with visual tools that help promote networking and problem solving. Your guests fill in the blanks, draw their ideas, and physically create! See what happens when you replace some of your on-stage time with an interactive design experience.


Collect meaningful data and translate insights into action.

We prepare for your event by understanding what you would love to capture—best practices, new business models, product/service ideas, a deeper understanding of your guests, etc.—then design the exercises in a way that allows you to gather raw data for analysis. The insights that are drawn from the data can be applied to sales growth, increased member value, and continued engagement beyond the event. Let's turn your event into an amazing market research opportunity.


Inspire new ways of working

Interested in sparking a culture of innovation within your team? Our conference planners / event designers will directly train your team on the use and facilitation of design tools. They will gain new techniques and a mindset for innovation and 'design thinking'. At the actual event, they will have direct interactions and build new relationships that would not otherwise have been possible.

What does a Do Tank High Impact Event Look Like?

We go beyond creating cool experiences...this is about real engagement, moving people to action, and creating memories that last.

Case Study: Serving the healthcare sector to advance the health of individuals and communities.

Our engagement with AHA ranges from, short workshops, large engagements that support internal culture change, to curating and facilitating high-impact-events with over 2000 conference attendees.

Project Attributes

  • Design of High-Volume Conference Events & Seminars
  • Floor Team Training & Facilitation Support
  • Speaker Coaching & Presentation Design
  • Bespoke Visual Tools for Strategic Conversations
  • Data Capture, Analysis & Playbacks
  • Video & Animation Libraries for Corporate Communication
  • Business Design Thinking Training
  • Online Packages for Re-Sale to Affiliates and Members

What type of events are you running?

Annual Conferences


Innovation Challenges

Sales Meetings

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