High Impact Events

Maximize productivity and collaboration at your next large event–while also engaging your audience in a fun, invigorating way.

Experiences that make a difference

Do Tank develops and delivers engaging, creative experiences for your audience by immersing them in human-centered design, an incredible visual landscape, and a bespoke digital hub.

We want to help fearless leaders make an impact, influence change, and drive action. The experiences we design are customized for your goals and audience and can be virtual, in-person or hybrid.

What we offer

There are two types of Do Tank High Impact Events:
Innovation Competitions and Strategy at Scale

Innovation Competitions

Harness the expertise of your team and stakeholders from around the globe to solve your biggest business challenges.

With our digital capabilities and tools, your message will be heard loud and clear before, during, and long after the event. Do Tank’s Innovation Competitions will allow you to:

Strategy at Scale

Do Tank makes strategic planning a collaborative, exciting experience to speed up and enhance the strategies your stakeholders develop.

Together, we will create an event supported by a branded digital hub and visual storytelling tools. With a Do Tank Strategy at Scale event, you will:

What we've done

Do Tank has a wealth of experience designing and delivering engaging events.

Written by Marc McLaughlin
Partner & Business Designer

Sustainable Packaging Hackathon

Designing for Good

A global CPG firm wanted to accelerate their thinking and approach to sustainable packaging, so they partnered with Do Tank in 2020 to deliver a virtual Innovation Competition. We designed, developed & hosted the entire “packathon” experience.

30 teams of university students applied to pitch their sustainable packaging solutions to executives and only 7 finalists were selected. Leading up to the event, Do Tank built an interactive innovation hub for the event, provided pitch coaching support to the finalists, and supported everyone involved throughout the process. On the competition day, we emceed the competition, facilitated judging deliberations, and ensured the experience was energetic and inspiring.

As a result of the Innovation Competition, the firm filled their front-end packaging pipeline and created meaningful connections to young innovators in a refreshing way. Additionally, the judging experience fostered fresh conversations among executives and sparked the foundations of future cross-functional collaboration.


Business Model Innovation

Innovation Hub

Design Thinking


Health Care Solvathon

Solving Patient Problems

A healthcare association gathered 200 health care leaders to their first ever Innovation Competition in 2019. The aim was to collectively frame huge health care challenges and design potential solution concepts that can challenge thinking and drive change. The association partnered with Do Tank to design the attendee experience and visual canvas used to guide the conversation.

Do Tank created a 16-foot long visual tool that guided the teams through the process of developing solutions to patient problems. We also developed the full experience for the day – including the room layout, auxiliary experiences, the schedule and pacing – and emceed the event.

After this experience, we produced multiple assets to keep the spirit of the competition alive, including a photo gallery, a sizzle reel, and a playbook. The playbook provided insights gleaned from all of the data collected, including the 1,800 ideas recorded on sticky notes, and is meant to act as a guide to health care innovators who want to improve patients’ lives.

Health Care

Design Thinking


Design Sprint

Visual Thinking

Visual Tools

Written by Matt Kelly
Partner & Business Designer

Written by Emily Blazer

Business Designer

Public Health Strategies

Helping Rural Communities

Managing to engage an audience of public health professionals, while simultaneously giving them an outlet for cross-community connections, is a daunting task. Montana’s Rural Health department wanted to address this head-on by providing interactive solutions that built connections. They partnered with Do Tank to create a unique Strategy at Scale experience.

We put ourselves in the attendee’s shoes and created five interactive tools they could use to encourage innovation in rural healthcare. Attendees learned applications of tools to organize their thinking, form partnerships, and design strategies for improving community health. We facilitated the virtual workshop series and created an online hub for all the tools and educational resources. These healthcare professionals can access and share the tools we presented now, as well as in the future.

During a four month period, over 200 public health professionals had tons of opportunities to learn new skills and meet each other through the virtual format. They walked away with a rejuvenated sense of peer connection and a new mindset about strategic community health planning they can apply to their work in the future.

Health Care

Design Thinking


Visual Thinking

Visual Tools

How we do it

Our Business Design methodology is a strong blend of design thinking, visual thinking, business model innovation & sprinting techniques.

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