Strategic Innovation in Healthcare

Encouraging a Culture of Innovation in Healthcare

Since our inception, helping organizations design new business models, create compelling strategic plans, and fostering a ‘culture of innovation’ has been at the heart of our work.  


This manifests in our healthcare in practice a few different ways:

  • Creating executive experiences and storytelling aides to build and scale strategy
  • Launching and maintaining digital hubs with training content, idea management capabilities, and sprint team workspaces
  • Leading cross-functional teams through the journey of designing, testing, and scaling new processes and services

Human-Centered Design for Healthcare Strategy

A human-centered design approach is fundamentally collaborative and inclusive – it helps you navigate the silos that are common in healthcare by bringing stakeholders to the table.  By testing new ideas and concepts, you get feedback; that is the ostensible reason for validating concepts. You also create the conditions where people feel like they have a deeper understanding of the work and some degree of ownership in the outcomes.  By purposefully creating the conditions for understanding and ownership, you increase the likelihood that your plans and innovations will flourish.

Innovating in Healthcare with Human-Centered Design Tools

Human-centered design challenges us to consider how our ideas and solutions impact our entire community. Tools like the Idea Flip canvas help you confront the problem that is driving your innovation and then shin a light on the impact of your solution.

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