Healthcare Quality Improvement

Healthcare Quality Improvement

What is Quality Improvement in healthcare? When we “identify opportunities for improvement” how can we effectively drive change that will ultimately enhance health outcomes?

Healthcare Quality Improvement Meets Human-Centred Design

Deming defined quality as, “a predictable degree of uniformity and dependability with a quality standard suited to the customer”. Juran introduced us to his trilogy, honing in on quality planning, control and process improvement. Don Berwick reminds us that, “We must accept human error as inevitable–and design around that fact”. At Do Tank Health we are marrying the foundational components of quality improvement, advocated by pioneers like Deming, Juran and Berwick, with human-centered design principles. Why? We use this approach to initiate meaningful, sustained improvement faster when we approach quality improvement journeys with a human-centered design mindset. 


How to Heal a Process

Healthcare professionals are not adequately trained in the quality improvement space. Clinicians know how to heal the body and the mind of the patient, but too often those clinicians are also tasked with championing issues which ask them to heal a process. The stark need we see in the field is to equip clinicians, quality directors, and process improvement professionals with the competency they need to heal those processes within their organizations which may be leading to patient harm.

At Do Tank Health, we have curated a suite of offerings aimed at arming your workforce with the requisite skills they need to run an improvement team with an all-hands-on-deck human centered design approach. Our focus on collaboration, communication and design tools sets us apart from other quality improvement training programs in the healthcare space. The pragmatic, team-based approach we take to quality improvement achieves both buy-in and behavior change.

A Culture of Quality Improvement

Engage with the Do Tank Health team to create internal experts, “Improvement Facilitators”, in the field of the improvement sciences who can assist with your system’s many ongoing improvement efforts. We want to create teams of improvement facilitators within organizations who will power your improvement efforts by using human-centered design tools. This training will upskill your team members with quality improvement competency and will give them the practical tools to execute improvement projects in your organization. Regardless of your organization’s pain points (falls, readmissions, throughput time, staff satisfaction, etc) this training will enable your teams to improve processes and enhance outcomes through a human-centered design approach. We will tailor these trainings specifically for your organization and within a timeframe that works for you. Our team has delivered large scale quality improvement skills trainings in two to three day workshops, over the course of ten to twelve weeks as cohort trainings or over the course of six months. The size of your team and your timeline don’t matter–we will work with you to design an engagement that works for you. 

Are you ready to start improving your work flows, relationships and health outcomes through a human-centered design approach? If so, reach out to us now for a free thirty-minute consultation. 

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