Healthcare Digital Strategy

Digital Innovation in Healthcare

We help healthcare technology teams do two things: we help teams build compelling strategies that drive value for the health system and its patients, and we help teams truly understand their current and future partners and patients so that they develop technology that is human-centered.


Digital Strategies to Encourage Collaboration

It is not always the case, but digital teams are sometimes seen as internal service providers (not strategic partners), and the working relationship with clinical colleagues can benefit from better collaboration.  By helping align teams around their goals (while integrating data and informatics) and then deeply involving colleagues from other departments, we start to gain more traction, efficiency, and impact.

Human-Centered Healthcare Innovations

Through user interviews, ‘design thinking’ focus groups, and helping derive insights from system data, we help teams focus on the people that they are trying to help – patients, clinicians, operations, etc.  That is the core of human-centered design – start with a nuanced understanding of the people you are trying to help and then test solutions that will improve their experience.  

Digital strategy and innovation is something that we do across a range of industries.  To learn more about how we do this, please check out our Digital Innovation page.



Launching a Digital Healthcare Solution: Texting COVID-19 Test Results

Our friends at Blessing Health System needed to efficiently notify patients of their COVID-19 test results. Read about how the team applied human-centered design tools to design and implement an efficient way to connect people with the information they need. 

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