Diversity and Health Equity

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Inequities in health outcomes have been well documented. From the report Unequal Treatment: Confronting Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Health Care (National Academy of Medicine, 2003) to the Healthy People 2010 Report‘s emphasis on eliminating racial inequities, the healthcare industry has known that change must come. Unfortunately it took the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on minority populations, and 2020’s social unrest highlighting our nation’s complex, ongoing struggle with racial equity, to put a proper focus on health inequities. The healthcare field is responding to health and racial equity with an effort that has not been seen before.

Looking Inside Your Diversity and Health Equity Strategy

Your organization has undoubtedly looked in the mirror and asked itself, how can we become a more equitable organization, both to our workforce and to the patients we serve? If you need guidance in navigating the challenges related to that question, we can help. Do Tank has worked with health systems and trade associations to diagnose health equity at an organizational level and has created roadmaps to help you on the journey. We also work with employees at all levels of the organization to explore blockers, opportunities, and new ideas.

We Deliver...

Engagement of employees in a series of digital workshop sessions.
A custom designed visual tool for digitally capturing complex conversations in a virtual setting.

Expert facilitation that fosters rich experiences and extracts insights.

Advice on how to recruit participants, build excitement and drive participation.

Stronger strategies for driving change based on your participants’ ideas.

Visual capture of insights showing key results from the workshops.

Engaging Your Teams with Diversity and Health Equity Work

We have experience engaging with this work at the strategic level, but conversations on diversity and health equity must occur across the organization. Partnering with Diversity Health Communications, and using a suite of custom tools, we have engaged hundreds of people in small interactive workshops where people can creatively tackle very complex challenges. We are able to collect the data from these workshops to deliver analysis on the current state of the organization and recommendations on potential changes. By creating amazing experiences for people, you can generate the engagement that is necessary to create meaningful insights and enthusiasm for improvement.

Are you ready to create a focused roadmap to greater equity based on your organization’s strengths, weaknesses and opportunities? If so, reach out to us now for a free thirty-minute consultation.

Do you want to work differently?
Do you want to think differently?

If so, then let’s start Doing things differently.

Do Tank and Diversity Health Communications take an incredibly difficult topic and makes people at ease with grace and skill. These are the people you want running your diversity, equity, and inclusion listening and training sessions.

Lori J. Kafafian,
Human Capital Consultants

When you need experience and insights in order to gain the trust of your employees during sensitive, important diversity, equity, and inclusion conversations Diversity Health Communications and Do Tank are your go-to team.
Cynthia J. Allen
Internal Comms Director,
NVA Compassion-First

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We take a careful, human-centered approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion by developing strategies to improve conditions for both patients and staff. Let's talk about how we use simple tools to connect people in complex conversations.

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