Clinician Engagement

Clinician Engagement

Staffing shortages. Not enough of a focus on wellbeing. Pandemic-induced burnout among clinicians. Need more time with patients, less in front of electronic health records. Are you checking any of these boxes? If so, it might be time for a deep exploration into how you should be engaging your clinicians.

Mitigating Clinician Burnout

The breakdown of employee satisfaction, institutional structures, and work life balance is leading to historic levels of burnout among clinicians We know that clinician burnout is approaching pandemic levels, and in turn, our industry needs to tackle burnout as vigorously as we tackled the pandemic. At Do Tank Health, we have worked with clinicians from across the country to explore how clinician stress and burnout manifest in their organizations and what proactive steps we can take to mitigate those circumstances. 


Build a Strategy for Clinician Wellbeing

The relationship and intersection between employee satisfaction, institutional structures, work-life balance, and wellbeing is leading to historic levels of burnout amongst clinicians in our country and is driving many to walk away from the profession. Clinician engagement and wellbeing is a burning platform that no organization in this country can afford to ignore.    

 At DoTank Health we have developed a high-touch process aimed at identifying the pain points for clinicians in your organization, building a plan to eliminate those pain points, and executing on that plan. Our industry will not move swiftly and in the necessary direction on the clinician engagement front until we start treating this issue as an acute danger that will harm patient safety and our industry as a whole. 

 If you are ready to start redesigning your approach to clinician engagement and putting staff burnout and turnover in your crosshairs, then reach out to us now for a free thirty-minute consultation. 

How have we helped our clients engage their staff?

It’s essential to hear from front-line employees. They will be among the first people to recognize the impact of strategic decisions. The Sailboat Canvas can rapidly captures thoughts from front-line employees.

See how Blessing Health deployed these canvases on each floor of their hospital to get a consistent sense of what is enabling, and blocking, their staff’s success.

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