Clinical Outcomes

Clinical Outcomes

Is your department “stuck” on a particular outcome that you can’t seem to improve? Has your system identified a stellar process which has led to improved outcomes that you need to spread to another setting? Are you launching a new improvement initiative or tasked with leading a team that needs to change that dashboard from red to green?

Did you answer yes to any of these questions?
Do Tank's healthcare team is here to assist.

Do Tank Health

At Do Tank Health, we bring decades of experience in quality improvement and design thinking, marrying them to create a unique set of consulting tools aimed at improving clinical outcomes. Our clinical outcomes initiatives bridge traditional quality improvement methodologies in healthcare with the business rigor of human-centered design.

Patient-Centered Strategy Design

As clinicians you aim to do no harm. The field is finally embracing the importance of putting our clients, the patients, at the center of everything we do. At Do Tank Health we embrace a similar mindset, understanding that clinical teams will never be able to sustainably improve outcomes over time unless we put our most important assets around the problem, our people. Gone are the days of a handful of individuals in a conference room redesigning a process or pontificating a new policy. Here are the days of true front line engagement in the redesign of a process. Communication and collaboration are wonderful in theory, so it is Do Tank Health’s mission to turn those words into action in every one of our projects.


Improve Clinical Outcome Metrics

For years, Do Tank has been working with hospitals, health systems, and community-based organizations to move the metrics that matter to those organizations. Our team has spearheaded work on everything from readmissions, to C. diff, to daily safety huddles, just to name a few. If your team is tasked with improving a clinical outcome, needs to spread a best practice from one setting to another or needs help framing out your clinical quality improvement approach, then reach out to us now for a free thirty-minute consultation.

Do Tank Health has worked with several hospitals and community-based organizations to create Implementation Playbooks based on high-impact innovations, best practices and quality improvement innovations. Below you can access some of these playbooks to get a sense of how we work with teams to enhance clinical outcomes, we hope your organization is next.

Do you want to work differently?

Do you want to think differently?

If so, then let’s start doing things differently.   


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