If any field should be human-centered, it’s healthcare. We help teams at the intersection of quality, equity, and innovation design a safer, healthier future.

Where Does Innovation Start in Your Healthcare Organization?

We help teams navigate challenges that are a high strategic priority, involve great complexity, and demand creative collaboration. Our goal is to help hospitals and health systems become more innovative and effective.

We believe that if any field should be human-centered, it should be healthcare. This applies to the patients and communities that we serve, but it also applies to how we deconstruct internal silos, nurture well-being for our colleagues, and inspire new ways of working.


Who we have worked with


Connecting with Your Healthcare Organization

Independent Hospitals

We are an “innovation engine” for independent hospitals. We provide bandwidth and skills that enable design sprints, support strategic storytelling, and build internal capabilities so that your team can design human-centered innovations that support healthy communities.

Healthcare Systems

For larger systems that may have their own internal innovation and design teams, we help tackle high strategic priorities. We create the digital infrastructure to scale innovation tools, skills, and mindset, and help spread best practices throughout your system.

Healthcare Associations

We create dynamic experiences so that healthcare associations help members innovate to solve real challenges. Our 'high impact events' are built to be interactive and have a durable impact that extends far beyond the close of the event.

Strategic Innovation in Healthcare

We’ve been helping organizations design new business models, create strategic plans, and foster a culture of innovation since we opened our doors. Here’s how we do it:

  • Creating executive experiences and storytelling tools to build and scale strategy
  • Launching and maintaining digital hubs with training content, idea management capabilities, and sprint team workspaces
  • Leading cross-functional teams through the journey of designing, testing, and scaling new processes and services

A design-thinking approach is fundamentally collaborative and inclusive–it helps you navigate the silos that are common in healthcare by bringing more stakeholders to the table. You’ll test new ideas and concepts to get feedback on your ideas while also developing buy-in for your innovative projects.

Diversity and Health Equity

Preparing to address historical and ongoing inequities in healthcare are among the most complex conversations your organization can have. We help your team give these discussions the respect they deserve.

We believe our ability to facilitate conversations that inform real strategies for improving diversity, and health outcomes, is the best way that our team can contribute to addressing systematic disparities in healthcare.

Quality Improvement

Identify essential quality improvement opportunities while encouraging a culture where proven initiatives help all departments improve patient outcomes.

Do Tank Health has curated a suite of offerings aimed to arm your workforce with the requisite skills they need to run an improvement team with an all-hands-on-deck human-centered design approach. Our focus on collaboration, communication, and design tools sets us apart from other quality improvement training programs in the healthcare space. The pragmatic, team-based approach we take to quality improvement ensures that buy-in and behavior change are both achieved.

Digital Strategy

Digital healthcare teams can be seen as internal service providers rather than strategic partners. Help align your digital team with their colleagues strategic goals.

Through user interviews, ‘design thinking’ focus groups, and helping derive insights from system data, we help teams focus on the people they are trying to help–patients, clinicians, operations, or any other stakeholder.  That is the core of human-centered design: start with a nuanced understanding of the people you serve, then test solutions that will improve their experience.

Clinical Outcomes

Our clinical outcomes initiatives bridge traditional quality improvement methodologies in healthcare with the business rigor of human-centered design.

Is your department “stuck” on a particular outcome that you can’t seem to improve? Has your system identified a stellar process which has led to improved outcomes that you need to spread to another setting? Are you launching a new improvement initiative or tasked with leading a team that needs to change that dashboard from red to green?

 For years, Do Tank has been working with hospitals, health systems, and community-based organizations to move the metrics that matter to those organizations. Our team has spearheaded work on everything from readmissions to C. diff to daily safety huddles. If your team is tasked with improving a clinical outcome, needs to spread a best practice from one setting to another, or needs help framing out your clinical quality improvement approach, talk with us about how we can help align teams to achieve these outcomes.

High Reliability Organizations

Apply tried and tested principles of high reliability organizations to your healthcare organization to align teams on a process to minimize harm.

Do Tank Health has developed specific design tools for each of the five pillars of high-reliability organizations: sensitivity to operations, preoccupation with failure, reluctance to simplify, commitment to resilience, and deference to expertise.

Clinician Engagement

Clinician engagement, and wellbeing, are burning platforms that no organization in this country can afford to ignore.

The healthcare industry is seeing historic levels of burnout among clinicians in our country. This is driven by employee dissatisfaction, institutional structures, and work-life imbalance—leading many to walk away from the profession.

Do Tank Health has developed a high-touch process aimed at identifying the pain points for clinicians in your organization, building a plan to eliminate those pain points, and executing on that plan. Our industry will not move in the swift and necessary direction it needs to on the clinician engagement front until we start treating this issue as the acute danger that it poses to our industry as a whole.

Community Based Partnerships

Hospital and community based partnerships are often doomed out of the gate. People don’t take the time to align on shared vision, roles, critical next steps, and the value being created.

Too often, members of a partnership just start ‘doing stuff’ and soon lose the point and plot. This work is an extension of our strategy design practice and has taken the form of system-level strategic planning around ‘access’ and ‘social determinants of health’ along with many kickoffs for nascent organizational partnerships.

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