Whether you are improving your internal sustainability engine or building a coalition, our strategies will help you solve the world’s biggest problems.

Where Does Innovation Start in Your Healthcare Organization?

Many independent hospitals and mid-sized hospital systems are well positioned to launch innovative solutions that can unlock wicked problems and improve both health and business outcomes.
We can be a powerful ‘innovation engine’ that helps clinical operational colleagues in these healthcare organizations share ideas, innovate, and become more engaged.

Collaboration and Innovation throughout Large Healthcare Organizations

Take advantage of the valuable experience throughout your organization to share best practices and spread innovation solutions.

Innovation does not happen in a vacuum and will be stifled if it cannot break out of one of your organizational silos. We partner with internal teams in large healthcare organizations to spread best practices between hospitals, turbo-charge collaboration, and tackle complicated strategic challenges.

Elevating Innovative Healthcare Ideas

We work with associations to design industry wide events, playbooks, and new healthcare-specific design tools.

Who we have worked with


Healthcare Design Thinking Focus Areas

It takes intention and focus to create a big impact with a big idea.

Business Model Innovation

We apply 'design thinking' to the design, testing, and scaling of strategies and services that have resonant value propositions and sustainable business models.

We lead teams through ‘design sprints’, leverage digital platforms to engage system wide audiences, and build internal capabilities through everything we do. In addition to tested and endorsed solutions, we believe that ‘learning by doing’ generates durable new skills, collaborations, and cultural impact.

Innovation Events

Explore how 200 healthcare leaders used design methods to understand challenges and explore new ideas for 4 key patient personas.

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High Reliability Organizations

With specific design tools for each of the 5 pillars of HRO:

  • Sensitivity to Operations
  • Preoccupation with Failure
  • Reluctance to Simplify
  • Commitment to Resilience
  • Deference to Expertise
We help teams explore root causes, risks, potential interventions, and needs that will help them become a safer and more aligned health system.
Our work in HRO is driven by team members that have deep expertise, in addition to design, in quality and safety at hospitals. By bringing together clinicians and administrators from across the organization, we spark conversations that often don’t occur. We help hospitals lay the cultural groundwork for improvement, design compelling HRO strategies, and implement simple tools that will help people ‘live the 5 principles’.

Diversity, Health Equity, and Inclusion

Bringing people together and facilitating complex conversations is at the core of what we do, and discussing historical and ongoing inequities in healthcare are among the most difficult and complex conversations your organization can have.

We believe our ability to facilitate conversations that inform real strategies for improving diversity, and health outcomes, is the best way that our team can contribute to addressing systematic disparities in healthcare.

We’re proud to work with Dorcas Lind, MPH, to hold meaningful conversations about diversity and equity in healthcare. Dorcas has years of experience working to improve diversity in healthcare organizations. She leads these conversations while we catalogue the insights and perspectives that will inform your healthcare organization’s diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy.

View a short reel that gives a view into some of the design and storytelling work that we have done around diversity, health equity, and inclusion.

Community Based Partnerships

Hospital and community based partnerships are often doomed out of the gate - people don’t take the time to align on shared vision, roles, critical next steps, and the value being created.

They just start ‘doing stuff’ and soon lose the point and plot. This work is an extension of our strategy design practice and has taken the form of system level strategic planning around ‘access’ and ‘social determinants of health’ along with many kickoffs for nascent organizational partnerships.
We created a free set of tools that teams can use to design their partnership.