• Photo of
    Billy Banks
    Associate Director of the Garage, Northwestern University

    "Thanks for giving us the common language for business design and helping with alignment. You pushed our thinking and transformed that into actual doing within the context of the customer."

  • Photo of
    Alec Humphries

    "When it comes to today's conversation around business design and product innovation there is a gaping hole. That missing piece has to do with action. I see a lot of talk around strategy, process and methodology but at the end of the day we all need to eventually roll up our sleeves and get the job done. The only question is how. I love working with the guys at Do Tank because they cut through the white noise and are true partners in helping teams get stuff done."

  • Photo of
    George Vukotich, Ph.D.
    Managing Partner at FinTank

    "do tank is about making a difference. Innovative approaches, education along the way and a gret group of people to work with. do tank makes a difference."

  • Photo of
    Chief Technology Strategist, Red Hat

    "Do not just think about disrupting your business. Just do it."

  • Photo of
    Christian Philipps
    Exec Director Product Management Data Protection and Endpoint Management, Quest Software

    "do tank helped us execute our strategy review and establish a baseline for ongoing business model innovation in only 30 days."

  • Photo of
    Mike Kelly
    Managing Director, Developer Town

    "With do tank's help, we were able to get alignment on the product we were taking to market, and able to quickly develop a go-to-market strategy with concrete next steps in under 30 days."

  • Photo of
    Jay Bhatt
    President, Heatlth Research & Educational Trust

    "do tank has helped us identify opportunities for growth, innovation, and moving forward high performing cross-functional teams, to meet the challenges we and our members face."

  • Photo of
    Josh Kubicki
    Chief Strategy Officer, Seyfarth

    "The team at do tank are remarkable for having the rare ability to enable organizations to actually get equipped with the skills and mindset necessary to make an impact.  They epitomized 'doing' rather than 'talking' and challenge their clients immediately to begin doing the hard work necessary to learn and build."

  • Photo of
    Liana Bran
    Program Director, Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

    "do tank challenged me in a way no other professional course has. I had the opportunity to connect with brilliant minds from vastly different backgrounds to apply a truly action-centred approach. I am a natural "thinker", always cautious to work out the kinks in a project before executing, but do tank taught me the wisdom of iterating, and it has stayed with me since!"

  • Photo of
    Ken Alexander
    Vice President at the Louisiana Hospital Association

    "Do tank helped me think, and they did it in a way that made it fun to stretch my mind and look at my world just a bit differently, and that is a rare and true gift!"

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