• Photo of Matthew Kelly
    Photo of Matthew Kelly
    Matthew Kelly
    Partner & Business Designer

    Matt is a Partner and Business Designer, based in Chicago, who has been part of the team since its formation in 2014.

    He assists organizations with alignment and clarity about the current state of their business, competition, economic challenges, and vision for the future.

    Matt has over 10 years of experience overseeing the lifecycle of complex organizational development activities. Defining project scope with stakeholders, he is skilled in facilitating synthesis of multiple perspectives into a clear strategy and plan for action. Matt has an undergraduate degree from the University of Chicago and an MBA from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

  • Photo of Marc McLaughlin
    Photo of Marc McLaughlin
    Marc McLaughlin
    CEO, Partner & Business Designer

    Marc is an experienced strategy consultant and business designer who is responsible for our office in Chicago, USA.

    He supports organizations by the use of his bold strategic thinking, creative visual design and practical implementation skills that are ever focused on delivering concrete results.

    Marc has an impressive ability to confront the norm and help frame and reduce complexity allowing organizations to discuss, re-design and determine the critical few next steps required to drive strategic change.

    With 13+ years of experience with corporates through to start-ups, and within a wide range of industry sectors, he enjoys realizing the successful impact of implementing our new tools, skills and mindsets within organizations.

  • Photo of Leslie Wainwright
    Photo of Leslie Wainwright
    Leslie Wainwright
    Partner & Business Designer

    Leslie is a Partner and Business Designer with our Chicago team.

    She has been founding executive of two cutting-edge startup companies. AVIA, a healthcare-focused innovation accelerator and Sg2, a strategy consulting and analytics firm.

    Importantly, she spent several years specifically addressing innovation and how complex organizations build their own sustainable innovation.

    Leslie received a Ph.D. from Northwestern University and she completed her fellowship at the University of Maryland's Center for Vaccine Development. She is on the Faculty of the Lake Forest Graduate School of Management. Leslie also serves on the Women's Board of the Field Museum and is intensely involved in their Women in Science fund-raising and program development.

  • Photo of Carl Zuhl
    Photo of Carl Zuhl
    Carl Zuhl
    Partner & Business Designer

    Carl is a Business Designer with our Chicago team.

    He supports clients by getting teams to think boldly about their businesses and stratgeies, both current and future states. Pushing them outside their comfort zone to build unique and different ideas, he directs clients into another way of thinking, driving growth in their core business as well as designing, prototyping, and testing new adjacent and transformative businesses.

    Carl has a bachelor's degree from Purdue University and a dual master's, MS-MBA, degree from Boston University.


  • Photo of Noah Davies
    Photo of Noah Davies
    Noah Davies
    Junior Business Designer

    Noah is a Photographer, Graphic Designer and Junior Business Designer within our Chicago team.

    Noah provides a myriad of creative expertise to help clients visualize and document their thinking processes and strategy goals.

    With an arsenal of artistic abilities, he produces materials that push organizations to think visually. He is often found photographing strategy workshops.

    Noah has an undergraduate degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and has studied at the Ontario College of Art and Design and Pratt Institute.

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