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Traditional market research is dead and nobody can predict the future, but you CAN game plan for todays fast moving environment. Even when you’re fearless about your competition there is still an opportunity to use them to help fuel thinking about your own strategic moves. On the other hand, If you’re living in a complacent world, or a place full of distractions, the last thing you expect is a nasty surprise. Can you really afford not to stop, look, listen, think and act?

hot and cold spots

This is about discovering the unknown, removing complacent thinking and stripping away the blind spots of internal thinking. With some basic competitor intelligence we are able to use this knowledge to fuel our strategic thinking. Blending that with a strong point of view of the market forces allows us to rapidly identify the hot spot opportunities and the cold spots to avoid.


"This was tough, fun and very energizing. We've absolutely aligned as a team on what or next bold step is!"


embrace the kinetic energy

With the “aha!” come the “so what?” and “what do we do?”.  It’s easy for strategic conversations to go off-piste. We are experts in designing and enabling these conversations. However, the extreme value comes with strategic doing. War gaming will generate an abundance of emotion and willingness to act. We help you harness that energy into real tangible strategic action.

the results

  • "Increased competitor intelligence."

  • "Increased market awareness."

  • "Gallery of extreme strategic options."

  • "Game plans for action."

  • "Mindset shift from internal to external."


"The safe environment and freedom to explore unlocked thinking in a way that I could not have imagined."


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