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embracing the challenge

Organizations invest a lot of money and time in innovation. Developing labs, implementing new processes, and paying lip service to 'innovation' can be costly. When it comes to driving adoption or scaling cultural change, most companies fail. Many are unable to even create real meaning around the buzzword 'innovation'.

it's a team sport

To drive innovation, you need to prepare your organization so that they can embrace a new mindset. You can't just buy it and plug it in. People are not cyborgs, and we believe that the best way to change your culture is to have your team design it. The very process of experimenting, interviewing colleagues, and employing design thinking will begin the process of becoming the change that you want to be.

be the change

Culture change doesn’t happen overnight. But it starts with doing something and now just talking about it, or ignoring it. You may already have a strong definition of what it should be. You may need to define this more or completely redesign it. But when you do, start small. Enabling a culture of innovation for example is about shifting mindset and changing behaviour. This can start at a team or department level, but mainly it starts with you.

the results


  • "Common language for discussing culture."

  • "Alignment and understanding of our current state culture."

  • "Design criteria for desired future state."

  • "Framework and approach for prototyping and experimenting with change."

  • "Identify internal resistance and how to drive advocacy."

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