Digital Innovation

Do your digital innovations serve the people that matter most to you? We help connect your core strengths with your most important customers.

Upskill Your Digital Innovation Team

We help digital teams do three things: we co-design winning strategies and stories that help digital teams gain internal buy-in, we help teams truly understand their current and future customers, and we help upskill teams by giving the tools and processes that empower adoption, alignment, and engagement.

Digital Innovation As A Strategy

We help digital teams design and test their vision for the future and approach to strategic change. Our goal is to assemble your organization's brilliant technical minds and help them craft compelling strategies and stories that excite colleagues. Get your teams outside of the insular world of technical conversations. We help digital teams as they prepare to present their ideas to leaders throughout your organization.

Digital teams are sometimes seen as 'service providers' by other groups within an organization. However, we know that digital innovation is a critical component of growth, and that opportunities abound for new business models and forms of customer engagement.

Level up your digital and technology teams by helping them master the planning and storytelling tools. Your whole team will see how they can deliver value by driving human-centered innovation.

Human-Centered Design Requires Conversations with Customers

Whether a team is designing new digital products or updating legacy systems to meet the needs of contemporary users, it is essential that the risk of building 'an abandoned playground' is tempered by user interviews and the testing of prototypes with external folks. We use visual tools and design canvases to go beyond surveys and engage groups of people in energetic conversations.

We create interactive experiences that help digital teams engage with their end users; we do not conduct a bunch of interviews and drop reports on people. A typical engagement involves designing a custom visual structure (design canvas, whiteboard layout, virtual tool, etc.) and the facilitation of conversations in small groups - these can be done with any number of people and in any language.

A Human-Centered Design and Testing Process

In cases where we have gone further down the product development path with digital teams, we will create custom experiences that help get powerful feedback for concepts and prototypes. We believe that human-centered design has value beyond the building of products and services; it adds value to the testing and experiences that you create around them.

Increase implementation of ideas

Stay relevant in changing landscape

Stay a step ahead of the market & anticipate change

Customer Centered Digital Innovation

We believe success is built on delivering value from a great customer experience that eliminates the pains that hold your customers, users, and stakeholders back and creates gains they need to achieve. A desired outcome is stakeholder loyalty. Empowering your employees, engaging your customers, optimising your operations, transforming your product and business model are necessary to achieve the digital transformation and stakeholder loyalty needed for success.

Understanding your customers' needs

Bringing together user needs, product objectives, and business goals

Align team members' perspective

Understand, define and prioritize complex business problems